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Library Bed Collection

SIZE: Double

PRICE: $5395.00

W x H x D: 118’’ x 88″ x 24″

Delivery and Installation $400.00

(Subtract $500.00 if you don’t require a Mattress)

SIZE: Queen

PRICE: $5495.00

(Subtract $500.00 if you have your own mattress)

W x H x D: 130” x 92” x 24”

Delivery and Installation $400.00

(Subtract $500.00 if you have your own mattress)

Our Library Murphy Bed features a track system that effortlessly glides apart to reveal your comfortable Murphy Bed.

The Library bed will give you years and years of enjoyment and provides plenty of storage.


  • Front shelves effortlessly slide open to reveal our sturdy Murphy Bed.
  • Premium Mattress now included.
  • All Wood Construction, no particle board or melamine.
  • Multiple stain and paint finishes to choose from.
  • 4 Flat Base doors included. (Add $50.00 for shaker doors)
  • Our counter-balanced, spring-loaded, steel mechanisms have proven over many years to be the most reliable systems on the market designed